The Insider Series

CHANGING LIVES’s online training team experience for dancers all over the world!

We are looking for people that have the heart of a champion, the voice of a leader and the soul of an artist.  CHANGING LIVES and The Insider Series is really about mentoring and educating exceptional people that just happen to love dance.

Dancers from all over are coming together with the same goal and mission in mind, to strive for excellence in all that they do. Living with integrity, honesty, loyalty, and grace and always pushing to be the best version of themselves. The Insiders Series is a monthly subscription program where dancers are trained, mentored, and inspired weekly by the incomparable CHANGING LIVES team receiving online classes, team building exercises, motivational content and support, and continued mentorship throughout your training as we work alongside your studio and teacher.

You have heard before “ you ARE who you surround yourself with”….then surround yourself with excellent people…kind people…talented people. CHANGING LIVES is on a mission to change this dance world one dancer at a time. Do you want to push yourself? Choose kindness, choose confidence, choose excellence.

Join THE MOVEMENT! Join The Insider Series!

For Dancers


Personalized training from the industry’s top dance mentors and educators.


Weekly Online Content from the CHANGING LIVES faculty.


Monthly Live Zoom Meetings from one of the CHANGING LIVES faculty.


Virtual and Pre-recorded dance classes exclusively for THE INSIDER SERIES.


Video inspirational from Miss Kim and CHANGING LIVES faculty.


Team building exercises, journaling, goal setting, motivational training.


Access to our private social media chat group.


Weekly Mentorship from CHANGING LIVES faculty.


Discounts on THE MOVEMENT Registration.


VIP access to all LIVE classes.


Branded CHANGING LIVES journal and pen.


Discounts on CHANGING LIVES apparel.

What do
you get?

'Early Bird' Registration Beginning May 21st and Ending May 31st

Lifetime Monthly Fee of $29.99!

For Studios


'Teach the teacher' classes from the CHANGING LIVES FACULTY


Monthly Q & A Zoom meetings with Kim.


Win win partnership with CHANGING LIVES to continue to build a strong curriculum and strengthened team spirit within your studio.


Discounts on THE MOVEMENT and 1 on 1 Coaching with Kim.

$99 a month Beginning on July 1st!

Email to see how your faculty can receive this program for an annual discount.

I look so forward to seeing what we can build together!

Thank you for being a huge part of the CHANGING LIVES mission…
not only building successful dancers, but successful human beings!